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Welcome to the “Hearts for Life” spiritual adoption program. We want to offer you a wonderful opportunity to be a prayer warrior in a special way for God’s innocent unborn babies.

There is a precious preborn child waiting for you to love as one of your own. We hope you will join us in our efforts to reach out to save the unborn and be a voice for these infants who have no voice of their own.

Thank you for coming to visit us!

After gaining much experience as a sidewalk counselor outside of abortion clinics in Indianapolis Indiana I recognized a need to encourage more people to pray for an end to abortion (We know that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against “powers and principalities” -Ephesians ch 3 vs 12.). I had seen the “spiritual adoption” devotion from Archbishop Sheen on various prayer cards and I felt led by God to work to spread this devotion far and wide.

I asked three great ladies to help me: Loretta Schafer, Elaine Patterson and Yvonne Wince. With much prayer and effort the four of us (with the wonderful help of Corporate Digital print shop) created our brochure. We then took the name “Hearts for Life”. I then asked Mark and Denise Collins to help us and they have helped us tremendously to spread the brochure. We have now about 23,000 brochures remaining in stock from an initial printing of 70,000 brochures. We are hopeful of obtaining another large printing of brochures (60,000-100,000) in the near future.

We now have a 10 member board consisting of: Kathy Stadler, Bill Armstrong, Tony Avellana, Larry Clark, Jason Cabral, Tim Parmer, Bill Bahler, Mark and Denise Collins, and myself (Mark Hosbein) all of whom are giving us their talents to help spread Archbishop Sheen’s call. From the help of our board and with the special help of Tony Avellana (president of Avellana Web Design Group) this website is born. My brother Knights of Columbus have also helped us greatly financially, spiritually and with a board member presence (five of our board members are Knights: Larry Clark, Jason Cabral, Tim Parmer, Bill Armstrong, along with myself). Our brochure and our website give a voice to the unborn babies who have no voice of their own. Please join us in spreading their voices far and wide and in asking God to save these unborn babies from the horrible death of abortion.

Mark Hosbein, President
Hearts for Life

With urgency, humility and faith we will spread the call of Archbishop Sheen to all of God’s people to spiritually adopt and place in God’s loving care unborn innocent children who are in danger of abortion.

Mark Collins: Mark owns his own marketing company and has worked with "Hearts for Life" for about three years. Mark and his wife Denise are in charge of the distribution of our brochure. Mark is a faithful prayer warrior with a steadfast love of the unborn and also furthers the pro-life cause with his marketing work.

Denise Collins: Denise(Mark's wife) has a great love of the unborn and has worked with Mark in handling the distribution of our brochure. Denise is also a faithful prayer warrior and also serves God by helping at the St. Augustines home for the aged in Indianapolis.

Bill Bahler: I (Mark Hosbein) met Bill in my friendship group reunion from the cursillo movement. Bill has a great knowledge of Scripture and a tender heart which he shows in serving the unborn by helping "Hearts for Life". Bill also has strong organizational skills.

Jason Cabral: Jason is a member of my (Mark Hosbein) council in the Knights of Columbus. Jason has a strong love of the unborn and helps "Hearts for Life" with his hard-working spirit. Jason is also very active with other K of C activities.

Bill Armstrong: Bill is also a member of the Knights of Columbus and has served in that capacity as a Grand Knight. Bill is also the head of the pro-life activities in his K of C council. Bill helps "Hearts for Life" with his couragous spirit and strong love for the unborn.

Tony Avellana: I met Tony from my three day cursillo weekend. Tony has a wonderful Christian music ministry and a precious love of the unborn. Tony(who is the president of "Avellana Web Design Group") has worked very hard to provide this website for "Hearts for Life".

Larry Clark: Larry is in my (Mark Hosbein) council of the Knights of Columbus. He is the head of the pro-life activities for our council and has worked very actively in the "Forty Days for Life" program. Larry has a great love of the unborn which he shows by working with "Hearts for Life" and also by volunteering weekly at the abortion clinics in Indianapolis.

Kathy Stadler: Kathy extends her loving heart to the unborn by her years of service as a sidewalk counselor at the abortion clinics in Indianapolis and by working with "Hearts for Life". Kathy is also a great prayer warrior for the unborn.

Tim Parmer: Tim is a faithful prayer warrior and he is also very active in the charismatic movement. Tim has a very kind and humble heart and he shows it with his willing and open spirit to work with "Hearts for Life" and serve the unborn.

Mark Hosbein: I have been active in the pro-life movement for years by volunteering at the abortion clinics in Indianapolis. I have also worked with "Operation Save America" and the "Pro-Life Action League".

I was out at the abortion clinic at 1201 N. Arlington St. in Indianapolis Indiana. I was in the front of the abortion clinic showing two large signs of pictures of an aborted baby named "Malachi" who lost his life from an abortion at 21 weeks of age. I was praying the rosary when a man who had been driving down Arlington Avenue and saw my pictures pulled over(as motorists sometimes do) and started to talk to me about it. He did not like us showing these pictures of the aborted babies(as people sometimes don't-but we know that showing these pictures which tell the truth about abortion changes hearts and saves babies lives) and he told me so. When he had finished talking to me he turned away and began to leave. After he had taken several steps away from me he turned around and said "By the way, you can thank your God for preserving you because my first intention was to drive right through you". Believe me that will get your blood flowing!
Maybe we are not all called by God to serve Him in this way but can't we all take 25 seconds out of our day to save the life of an innocent baby who would have died the horrible death of abortion?

I was alone at an abortion clinic at 38th St. and Parker Avenue in Indianapolis Indiana early(it was still dark out) on a Saturday morning. I saw a car stopped close to the clinic with a young man and woman sitting inside. I knew that they were waiting for the abortion clinic to open to go inside to get an abortion. I also knew that if I could get some of the pro-life literature that I had with me into their hands that they would probably read it(they had nothing else to do as they were waiting) and possibly this would change their minds and save the life of a baby. Considering the situation and the fact that I was alone at the time I knew that I was taking a calculated risk to my safety in approaching the car. I also ,however, knew that the baby could be saved if I could get our pro-life literature into their hands so I took the chance and approached the car. I smiled and extended my hand containing the literature to them in hopes that they would receive it. The man opened the car door and asked me what I was doing. I held out the literature to him and told him that this was literature that could help them. He responded by telling me to back away from the car very slowly. I told him that I was praying for them and he said" don't pray for me just get the (blank) away from me or you lose your life".This was not the response that I was hoping for!Maybe we are not all called by God to serve Him in this way but can't we all take 25 seconds out of our day to save the life of an innocent baby who would have died the horrible death of abortion?

I was out at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic at 21st St. and Ritter Rd. in Indianapolis Indiana on a Saturday morning.My friend and sister in the Lord Kay Meyers was with me.We couldn't get very close to the people who were entering the abortion clinic because they were parking in an area that we were forbidden to stand on by the Planned Parenthood security guards. We therefore were reduced in many cases to "yelling" to try to talk to the women(and the people who were bringing them) who were going in for an abortion. I would typically say things such as "please come and talk to us!" or "we can help you!" or "please don't do something that you will regret!". As you can imagine most of the time our cries were not heeded. I do remember one almost miraculous occasion when our cries fell on the fertile soil of two open hearts. After making our cries to a young couple who had gotten out of their car and started to head into the abortion clinic they literally stopped in their tracks and got back in their car and drove out to see us! Kay went over and talked to them and they changed their minds and decided to keep their baby! Maybe we are not all called by God to serve Him in this way but can't we all take 25 seconds out of our day to save the life of an innocent baby who would have died the horrible death of abortion?