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Spiritually Adopt a Precious Child

Spiritually Adopt a Precious Child

Please reach out today through Spiritual Adoption and save an innocent unborn baby and make it part of your family!

¿Qué es la Adopción Espiritual?

¿Qué es la Adopción Espiritual?

Esperamos que te unas a nuestras oraciones y esfuerzos por el fin del aborto. 

Make a Donation

Make a Donation to Hearts for Life!

Donate to the Hearts for Life Ministry and help us in our mission to pray for the unborn and the sanctity of life.

Get Involved

Get Involved with Hearts for Life

Volunteer at Hearts for Life and help us spread the word globally for everyone to spiritual adopt an unborn child!

Praying for the unborn, one heart at a time.

Welcome to Hearts for Life!

We hope that you will join us in our prayer efforts to help end abortion. Pray for our cause and the sanctity of life, volunteer to help us spread the word, and spiritually adopt an unborn child. Above all, continue to trust in God in all things.

God bless you and continue to pray for the unborn!


Pro-Life News

pro life news

What do I say when …

MARCH 13, 2018

What to say when abortion comes up when you least expect it! Join Shawn Carney, Steve Karlen and Robert Colquhoun as they cover that … along with how to say it, and what free resources are available to you when the topic of abortion comes up at work or at the dinner table.

 Trump Nominates New Pro-Life Secretary of State

March 13, 2018 (C-Fam) – President Trump announced this morning that Rex Tillerson is out as U.S. Secretary of State and will be replaced by former Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo who serves currently as Director of Central Intelligence.

This will be considered good news by pro-life and pro-family advocates since Pompeo has a lengthy record in support of a right to life and in opposition to the homosexual agenda.

 Indiana House Passes Bill Requiring Reporting of Abortion Complications Injuring Women and the Expansion of Safe Haven Baby Boxes at Fire Stations

February 28, 2018, The Indiana House today approved by a 67-26 vote a multi-faceted bill requiring the reporting of abortion complications that injure women while creating tougher requirements for abortion businesses applying for licensing in Indiana. The bill also sets the stage for expansion of safe haven baby boxes at fire stations in Indiana to help save newborn babies at risk of abandonment.

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